AMXM - Aerodrome Mapping Exchange Model

Download AMXM UML Model (2.0.0)

  • Version 2.0.0 corresponds to DO-291C / ED-119C
  • The AMXM UML Model file contains a Sparx Enterprise Architect file and an XMI file
  • View the AMXM - unzip webview to disk and use index.html to open

Download AMXM XML Schema (2.0.0)

  • Version 2.0.0 corresponds to DO-291C / ED-119C
  • The AMXM XML Schema file contains the XSD and two XML samples
  • Readme

Direct on-line access to the AMXM XML Schema (2.0.0)

EUROCAE / RTCA - User Requirements for Aerodrome Mapping Information

Most current version:

DO-272D (RTCA)


DO-272C (RTCA)


EUROCAE / RTCA - Interchange Standards for Terrain, Obstacle and Aerodrome Mapping Data

Most current version specifying amxm.xsd version 2.0.0:

DO-291C (RTCA)


DO-291B (RTCA)